So i work 2 days a week, 1 dd in kindy 2 days a week and 1 dd in afterschool care 1 afternoon a week.

I have 50hr childcare benifit thing for both kids a week.

If i increase my work to 4-5 days a week will i get extra hrs covered from centrelink or is 50 the max?

My current job is slowing right down and we are starting to drown in bills so i figured a new job that has more hrs would be a great help.

But if i cant get any more hrs from. centrelink there will be no way on this earth i could pay the extra days.

On school holidays it would work out to be around $360-380 a week for the 2 plus the vacation care excursions.

Is this correct? Or will i get more hrs covered?

Oh a little info, im on full spp if that helps.