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    Default AF wont stop :(

    Hi Ladies,

    I was just hoping someone could give me some advice or tell me if they have had the same experience.

    My DH and I have decided to take a break from actively TTC and stop all my medication (which is currently metformin and clomid). We dont want to prevent at this point in time, we just feel that the stress of the treatment and my side effects are affecting our relationship.

    I got AF 7 days ago and I have not taken Clomid or Metformin this cycle. However (tmi alert), my AF has been extremely heavy and it really doesnt look like it is going to stop. I called the nurses at my FS clinic this morning and they have said that because I dont have the right amount of oestragen in my system my body wont move onto ovulation and I will just keep bleeding. They then mentioned that they could put me on the pill.

    The problem is I dont want to go on contraception, I react badly to the pill and we dont want to prevent any pregnancy that might happen, we just want the stress of the treatment and blood tests and cycle tracking to stop for a while.

    Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience and what they did to stop the bleeding? As mentioned before, I DO NOT want to go on the pill as we arent preventing and are not trying so to speak.

    Thanks in advance and I am sorry for the long post

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    I have had the same thing, constant bleeding for nearly three months, I was so exhausted and distraught, just a mess. My doc put me on Provera, which stopped the bleeding and kinda kicked me back into a regular cycle.

    I know what you mean about wanting to take a break but I think the Met is one you should stay on. That helps with all sorts of things like insulin resistance etc which can affect your cycle. I am taking Met for PCOS and have been long before we were TTC and I feel so much better on it and so much more regular. Your body might have had a bit of a shock going off it.

    Speak to your doc but I would think go back on the Met for health reasons, not TTC reasons.

    I certainly didn't want to go on the Pill at that time either and it wasn't necessary as I did eventually go back to normal.

    Good Luck.


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