Hi I have not been on here for well over 12 months, My wife and I did IVF and had a healthy baby boy. He is now 9 months. Due to us being told that we would never probably conceive naturally we didn’t use protection on 1 occasion and low and behold she is now pregnant. We are not sure how far (between 7-8 weeks) and we are waiting to get into her doctor. She had a blood test 2 weeks ago and the HCG levels were 3300, Last Friday she started having some slight bleeding and little cramps, nothing she said was bad at all but we were worried as she still had blood when she wiped. I took her to the hospital and as she is a negative blood type she had to have an anti D like the first pregnancy, The DR did an U/S and was 90% sure there was a heart beat. I saw it too. They did more blood tests and the HCG levels came back at around 5500. We are a little worried as they have not doubled in 8 days but still had risen. We are still waiting to see her OB on the 19th but she has had bits of blood still when she wipes (since Friday) and last night she had some little clots, nothing major only tiny. Can you have slow climbing HCG levels ,with everything else that is happening, and still have a normal pregnancy? She had a little bit of bleeding on 1 day with our last pregnancy and that was it. Nothing like this. Very concerned ( I think I am stressing for both of us) that she may have a miscarriage.

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Biggerz