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    Default I'm ready to wash my hands :-(

    I am feeling like I can't do it any more. I feel horrible that we tried for this baby and now I am feeling like it was a very wrong thing to do.
    We have been separated and he decided to 'move in' the only thing that is here is his clothes! That was about 2 weeks ago :-(
    He still hasn't told me about financial payments that have to be made. He didn't try and work out what kind of money we will be left with.... Nothing!
    I am always on his back about when he is moving his stuff in and there is always some reson as to why not. We are married and have been for just over a year and NEVER lived together!
    I am tired and want him gone for good! As I said I feel terrible for conceiving this baby but I just don't know if I can go through the next year with his thoughtlessness and secretive ways.
    Please don't burn me for this! I have had 4 years of this hidden cr** from him and thought it would he better :-( no such luck!
    He can be neglectful with the kids, so he dosent really have them on his own.
    And if you know me in real life please don't bring this up with either of us. Thanks!

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    Just offering some late night because I thought you could use them.

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    Awwww hun I doubt you'll get burned for this.

    Have you spoken to a counselor about all of this? Maybe ask if he wants to see a marriage counselor. If he doesn't than you know he really isn't really prepared to fix things.
    IF he were to move in tomorrow, would that change everything? Your feelings towards him? Would you love him more?

    If there is no way of sorting this out, than maybe it's best for bubs that you do separate and move on. Especially if you don't love him anymore.
    A bub will pick up on stress quite easily and will be extra restless and clingy in return. Not something you need as a new mum.


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