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    Hi, haven't been around the forum too long but really had to post as this is a topic I feel constantly faced with and a theme I feel all too often.

    Regardless about whether it is about childcare, breast or bottle, cloth or sposie, co or separate sleeping I just wish as mums we could all recognise that it is a hard job regardless of your situation. We should be able to see this and support each other.

    Just because your values aren't mine, or you choose to do something differently to me, doesn't make me better or worse, nor does it make you the same.

    Unless you are willfully neglecting and abusing your child, and I mean that in the true sense of the term, and your child is loved, happy and cared for, then this is enough for me.

    We have so much we can learn from each other and share but noone is going to be opening to an opinion that is being shoved down their throat.

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    p.s. I think we all beat ourselves up enough as parents over our decisions, choices and situations. We don't need everyone else doing it for us!

    I personally think I would be a dreadful SAHM and take my hat off to them. But doesn't mean that my son isn't absolutely adored and cared for because I go to work. He had cloth nappies when he was first born, but sposies now we are in nZ as daycares wouldn't take them. He was breastfed until my milk dried up then formula fed. He slept in our bed for months during periods of bad illness, now happily in his own bed until he comes in for a morning cuddle. We have a good routine but often deviate from it. There are no rules, there is no right and wrong.
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