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    Default VERY low AMH <1 ..... Now can't even start IVF :(

    So we have been trying for several years, few things got in the way of TTC but we always couldn't understand why we couldn't fall.
    Went to FS who put us on clomid, did a miriade of tests, clomid wasn't successful obviously so then we decided to go to IVF.
    Was put on the pill to start the very next cycle but waiting for appointments ended up being on it for almost 3 months. One of the tests was the AMH test which was done mid way through taking the pill. The result came back <1. Absolutely floored us, but at least we had a reason. IVF was now our only option.
    Go to start our first cycle and day 2 bloods come back that my FSH is 59. Following days no better, cycle 1 cancelled before its even begun.
    Cycle 2 to commence FSH levels are better but are still too high, day 2 is 16, day 4 is up to 19. So cycle 2 cancelled.
    Make an appointment with FS to "please explain"
    He tells me that is very common for FSH levels to be so high for someone who's AMH is SOOO low. Apparently the hormones work over time or something to find eggs and because there is so few eggs then it's driving the FSH up.
    He also said that we'll give it one more month and try IVF cycle 3. He's done more tests and has me on more drugs.
    He said he couldn't answer me when I asked is there any hope because he reckons there is plenty still we can try.
    I don't have any hope because I can't even get the IVF ball rolling.
    The infertility roller coaster is So frustrating and very very lonely

    I guess I'm looking for reassurance that everything will work out ??? I know no one has the answers

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    Hoping4bubs I couldn't read and not send . How very heartbreaking for you.

    Have you been into the IVF threads at all? Maybe one of the ladies on there can help with suggested treatments to help?


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