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    Default MCNs - Real-Nappies

    I seen these at the PBC expo and was wondering if anyone has/is using them? They are less bulky than other MCNs and therefore seem much easier and quicker to wash and dry.. Only come in white but so do disposables! (as far as I know!) plus the expo deal was birth to toilet training complete kit for $480 which I thought was really good. TIA x

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    1st bub here too and also due end of September!

    So... I don't have any experience of Real Nappies BUT I have spent an obscene amount of time googling and reading about cloth nappies and Real Nappies was my first cloth nappy purchase. Because they are used in NZ hospitals, they are cheap, they have good reviews, and were offering free postage on sales when I bought.

    *BUT* I didn't buy the whole birth to potty pack because I've also read that you just don't know what type of nappy will suit you AND your baby until you actually get to try them out. I bought one 'intro' pack {link removed by Moderator} (which is a cover, a liner, and a prefold cloth nappy) and then a 6-pack of prefolds and some liners.

    I've also since bought a few other brands to try out and have made some more prefolds from old flannel blankets and towels. Enough (I hope) to get us started.
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