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    Default What are the best mum-focused clothing/retail shops in Syd and Melb?

    So...I am working on a trip to Melb from Sydney and I plan to talk to the owners/operators of some of the mid-to-high price range shops that are focused on MUMS CLOTHES or has MUM-FOCUSED PRODUCTS (not only kids stuff).

    I realize this is a bit of a strange request, as I'm not really looking for maternity clothes~!

    Anyone have any suggestions on the better shops in Melbourne (and while we're at it, Sydney)? Just using the directories is overwhelming, and really is too product focused.

    Was going to post this in Melbourne/Syd areas but I don't think that's the right group to ask...I am truly looking for the better retailers and as this is a place for great product discussions I'd figured the tastes here would be tuned in. Def OK for the hipper/funkier set.

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    Stacy Stone
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    Default What are the best mum-focused clothing/retail shops in Syd and Melb?

    {I just saw the date on this! Why did it come up in my feed now}

    I get a few things here and there from forever new. Their jeans fit me as they're stretchy but I need suggestions also
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