Hi mummies, I gave birth to my 3rd baby almost 11 weeks ago now. Two days ago I started bleeding really heavy TMI (bleeding through a regular tampon in an hour!) I do get heavy periods but not this bad. I'm breastfeeding too.
I went to the hospital last night to get checked over and they ran some tests and all came back fine. Had an ultrasound today and they found "something" tiny at the top of my cervix so almost on it's way out. They said they can't be sure what it is but that it was tiny. They don't know if it's placenta because it's so long after birth and my placenta was in tact after birth although they did have trouble removing it (took an hour of lots of tummy rubbing). They also said I seem to well for it to be the placenta...they said it could be my period.
They have told me to see my gp mid next week for afollow up and maybe another scan.
I did have a pap smear done at 6 weeks PP too and it was clear.
I guess I want to know if anyone has had anything similar happen? I'm very worried and really don't want to have to have surgery of any sort. It's not as heavy now but it's still bright red with tiny clots.
Any depots would be great right now