Just needed to share my joy! Today was my 16 mo DD's second day at daycare. I anguished over sending her and we only have her in one day a week. She missed her second real day due to illness so she's had 2 weeks between attending.
The first week she didn't sleep a wink - not unexpected. She won't sleep anywhere other than her cot and her cot at my parents. Not in her portacot not in my arms nowhere!
However today I dropped her off and proceeded to get a multitude of chores done (awesome in itself!!) and finally got a chance to ring the centre to see how she's going at 2pm! AND SHE HAD BEEN SLEEPING!!
I just feel so good! I am so pleased I was fussy about which centre and they were really great about me being super anxious about her even attending (i just miss her! But have Uni starting so wanted to get her settled). And I just feel so great knowing she's obviously comfortable!
Just wanted to share!
Who else had a small joy today/this week?!?