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    Putting money aside may be smart... But it's not as fun :P And we already are saving for ds & for incidentals anyway...

    I have done a lot of research and a lot has been tried and tested. I pretty much know what I want and don't want this time around.

    After losing bub we moved interstate which is really why we got rid of everything.... So I've been there done that, getting rid of it was harder than seeing it there.

    Think we will just keep an eye out and buy what we like if we see it on special

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    We were still TTC this time last year, we both received decent tax returns and decided to buy some big ticket items for the baby. Although we TTC for 2.5 years, this time last year I was just about to start clomid and figured it wouldnt take very long after that.

    I did my research though and made sure I was 100% happy with what we bought. We bought, 2nd hand change table and bath combo off ebay (looks brand new) for $40, bought a new cot (researched and 100% happy) and a new car seat.

    The only downside is with the new stuff, the warranties expire JUST after this baby is (will be) born. So if I have any problems using it a few months down the track, I cant take it back.

    As PP have said, I wouldnt (and didnt) buy too many clothes for bub as you dont know the season it will be due. I only bought one cute outfit and the baby prob wont wear it as its a summer onsie, and this baby is a winter one. I also wouldnt buy anything that could possibly expire like baby wipes (could dry out). I also didnt want to buy nappies as they are always improving them and coming out with cute designs.

    Things you can buy while TTC:
    - books
    - cot sheets/blankets
    - baby wraps
    - feeding pillow (if you want to use one)
    - newborn toys
    - baby towels
    - nursery furniture like cot, drawers, change table (be wary of warrantee as above)

    But if you do buy before you have bubs you will prob buy unisex stuff. I found it more fun to buy the sheets/blankets/wraps after I found out the sex of the baby.

    Oh P.s. I did buy a 2nd hand pram for $35 off ebay while TTC and was very happy with it.... until my cat peed all over it... so I chucked it LOL
    Good luck & sticky baby dust!!

    ETA: Even though I have the warrantee problem, I am still glad we got the big stuff out of the way before falling pregnant. All the little things add up really fast, and most of the little things I wanted to know the gender of the baby before buying them. So still very glad we did what we did.
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