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    It's a tough one. A girl at my daughter's school is getting bigger and bigger and I know for a fact that she doesn't eat well. When the husband isn't home the mother doesn't even bother to cook a meal because she says her kids won't eat fruit or vegetables so there is no point. He goes away for work a month at a time and the kids live on take away and she has a twistie sandwich for lunch every single day + donuts, those chocolate dunkeroo things, chocolate muffins etc. I always have to bite my tongue when around them because all she ever talks about with her daughter is junk food (when mentioning food anyway...there's never any talk of anything healthy).
    I just don't think there is a tactful way to say anything. I don't know this woman well enough that I could say something without her telling me where to go.

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    Look i'd probably not say anything as to avoid an adverse reaction, some people these days don't seem to take advice very well and just get stroppy. It must be a sad thing for you to see. I can't stand the way some parants feed their kids. When I went to see my MIL as she's a group leader at daycare the kids were eatingg lunch and most (not exaggerating) of their lunch boxes were piled with packaged ****, I couldn't believe it, bloody chips, le snacks, LCM's and so on, I was like where's the damn sandwich or piece of fruit???? Now that is one thing that is 100% laziness and noone could tell me different. Its seems to hard to make a sandwich and put a piece of fruit in there! I think its fantastic when Mum's just make a cut lunch and keep treats as treats. Everything is about convvenience but to be honest all thatt '****' that some of the mums chuck throw at their kids is bloody expensive too compared to basic & necessary foods. In saying that I am not anal about kids never having junk, we only do monthly trips to town and my daughter always gets McDonalds and a chocolate as the rest of the time she eats so well. Their are so many overweight kids these days and I know you'll have some ppl scream back ' you don't know if its a medical issue) and I realise that but I know that is a very, very small majority. Try just not to think about it as it'll only upset you. People have everything at their fingertips these days in regard to nutrition so if the likes of your friend still feed **** its likely that will never change. I know this all comes back very opinionated (I can't stand the over opinionated types that think they know how it is) but this isn't something ayone can deny, its basic needs

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbow road View Post
    I'll probably get eaten for this, but I don't believe the parent always sees things the way others do - and it's not surprising - everyone wears rose coloured glasses around the people they love the most.
    Agreed! My ex had a 2,5yo son who was obese. I am not going to mention what his weight was, but car/booster seats usually go upto about 26kg and there was not 1 child restraint that was manufactured for a child with his weight. So you have some idea of how large he was. He was only 98cm tall. We had huge problems and struggles about how to transport him the safest and eventually just had to get a little booster cushion with an H harness. This was the safest way to transport him according to an RTA engineer.

    One of my very very first posts on BubHub (under my old account and before being pregnant myself) was about trying to find nappies big enough for him. Not 1 disposable nappy fitted the poor boy. We tried every single brand and home brand and just couldn't get them to fit

    His mother was also obese and we tried to tell her that she really needed to give him less food, but she never listened. When we got him for 1 day, she would pack 4 slices of white bread with butter and Nutella, 2 UHT milk popups and 2 LCN bars for his lunch, plus $10,- to get a Happy Meal for afternoon snack......
    Then one day he got a flu and she took him to the GP. The GP told her that her son was obese and needed to be put on a diet immediately.
    She was sooooooo angry that she smacked the doctor in the face yelling at him "HOW DARE YOU CALL MY CHILD OBESE!!!!!" and ran out crying.
    Unfortunately for her, she went to go for a second opinion which was identical to the first.
    It still took her a few weeks of thinking and analyzing before she finally agreed to put him on a diet. But not because he was obese, no she said it's because she was on a diet herself so now they are on a diet together because she doesn't want to cook 2 different meals each time

    So no, not all parents realize that their child is larger than average. Some parents are happily applying the saying "ignorance is bliss".


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