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    TBH, a lot of toddlers (mostly girls, but some boys too) do get fussier with food and eating habits for a while.

    If you are really worries, maybe talk to your CHN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misschief View Post
    TBH, a lot of toddlers (mostly girls, but some boys too) do get fussier with food and eating habits for a while.

    If you are really worries, maybe talk to your CHN.
    Thank u!! Just reading and seeing all these kidlettes eating while I've been having a freak out about my 16 month old DD not!! She will try just about anything at most meal times but only wants 3 mouthfuls!
    I did do her height and weight today and looked up in her purple book and she's fabulous on the charts (97th and 90th percentile respectively) so that also helped me relax a bit! She's obviously getting what she needs!
    This thread is just what I needed too! Thanks OP!!

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    DS's routine has been very similar from around 15 months to now (2.5 years) except he went down for a nap earlier then, so lunch a bit earlier. But basically:
    7 wake and breakfast
    9.30-10ish morning tea (often doesn't eat anything as he has a humungous breakfast)
    12 lunch
    1-3 nap
    3.30 arvo tea (grazes for an hour or so)
    6 dinner
    6.30 bath
    7 bed

    If they are eating decently throughout the day I wouldn't worry at all about dinner. DS had gone through phases of not eating any dinner, I just let him have just his glass of milk instead as he generally eats well in the day. When he's going through one of these phases I'll generally give him a bigger meal at lunch instead of just sandwiches just to make sure he's getting some veggies in. The routine has never changed, I think sometimes they just need less food when they're not growing so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tubster View Post
    My DS is also 15 months! Pretty much the same schedule as yours, only he has dinner around 6~6:30 bath at 7pm and bedtime cuddles at 7:30pm.
    For the past 3 days now he just wont eat dinner! He still has breakfast, morning tea, lunch (not as much), afternoon tea, but no dinner! I have tried cutting down his afternoon snack, changing menu, distractions, let him feed himself, he still wont eat dinner. But he still goes to bed alright. Dont know what to do! Totally worried!
    Please let me know if you come up with something that works
    Will do. nice to hear it's fairly normal.

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    DS has just turned 2. We have started having food issues within the last month. Some days are perfect, others a dreadful. Routine hasn't changed so just telling myself it must be a phase!!!

    7-7.30 wake up and breakfast straight away (wakes up soo hungry and always eats breakfast.
    8-9 a DVD or self directed play while I wake up and sort myself out shower etc
    9-11.30 either go out for a playdate, or to the park or for a walk.
    1130 lunch followed by a half a cup of warm milk.
    11.30 to 2- sleep
    2-3.30 direct play with me (puzzles, blocks, craft, playdoh etc)
    3.30-4.00 tv
    4.00-5.00 more play with me or a walk
    5-5.30 bath and pyjamas
    530 dinner then books
    7pm big sippy cup of warm milk and bed.


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