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    Has your Dad said why he exaggerated? Or does he really think she is dying? Is your Dad Ok?

    I would be really upset too to be told a grandparent way dying when they aren't! Glad you rang the hospital for yourself. I think you maybe need to have a gentle chat with your Dad about things and see why he thinks she is dying.

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    Is there any other family member you can talk with about Nan? Your dad seems to be having almost a panic attack with every bit of news he hears. Its understandable, but still causing you unnecessary stress. If you can organise a visit for a couple of days, that might be a good idea. Otherwise, keep in contact with the hospital so you can know for certain how your nan is doing. As for the mass text to everyone, I can understand why he did that, but it is still not the best way to share any bad news. At least close family should be told personally, the extended family could get a text. I hope all works out well. Marie.

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    I'm sorry your Nan is not doing well.

    As for the text message... I think it's something I would do. Why? Because if I was delivering that type of news, I may not want to talk about it. A phonecall offers a 2-way conversation, and I'm not really one who would want to discuss it, but I'd still need to inform people... so I'd simply message them. That way they know, but I also don't have to discuss it.

    I'd also personally prefer a text too (unless it was someone like my child, my own mother or my partner who was dying), because that way I could process it without having to give an appropriate reaction over the phone. I'd probably say, "Oh," and seem quite unemotional and I know that some people would really dislike that kind of reaction. I'd rather not feel like I had to "do the right thing," in my immediate reaction, and have time to deal with the news on my own before having to discuss it or show any sort of reaction to anyone. I can write an appropriate reaction much better than I can fake it in a voice over the phone.


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