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    Post Right on Time but There's a Twist!

    The day before my due date I was an emotional wreck. As everyone had told me that the due date would be the one day I shouldn't expect my child to be born, I was convinced that as I hadn't given birth early that it meant I would end up going so late that I'd have to be induced, and that was very upsetting to me. I insisted on doing absolutely anything we could think of, any superstition I'd been told, in the hope that I'd go into labour. By early afternoon though I was exhausted so I sat in front of the tv watching a sad movie and sobbing.

    Then, at 12:50am I woke up with pain. I looked at my husband, asleep in bed, and thought of what had happened a few nights before when I'd had a similar pain, but it had disappeared into nothingness. But then I discovered I was leaking a clear liquid with a pale pink tinge to it. And there was that pain again. I decided to wake him.

    He leapt out of bed and grabbed his watch, and we went to sit in the lounge room and see what happened. The pains increased in severity and were regular, so we called our hospital to warn them that we'd be on our way sometime in the next several hours. I used a TENS machine, which was wonderfully helpful in those early stages. But by about five I started to throw up from the pain, so we figured it was time to head in. We picked up my mum on the way to help us during the birthing process.

    I wanted a natural birth, but I was willing to try the gas out to see if that helped. They gave me an injection to stop the vomitting and a drip to avoid dehydration, and I did give the gas a go as the TENS machine was struggling to help me at that point. I didn't like it at all, it freaked me out, so that was a no-go. But I wasn't going to have an epidural or any other drugs. No no.

    We headed off to the birthing room with my lovely midwife, I was a bit woosy and drove my wonky-wheeled IV trolley into the wall once we were in I headed straight for a hot shower and my husband came with to help me. I sat on an excercise ball and let the water comfort me, and focused on my breathing. Unfortunately my legs started to give way so I couldn't stay like that forever. we headed back out to the birthing area and I leaned on another excercise ball on the floor.

    We were getting close at this point. I was struggling because with each contraction my brain was screaming at me to push, and I begged the midwife to let me. But she checked and we were still a cm off. The next hour felt like it went on for days. My mother massaged my lower back while my husband sat face to face with me talking to me and stroking my hair. I tried to just focus on the music playing and my breathing. Eventually it was time.

    I pushed for almost an hour, and the midwife and nurse were starting to worry. The head was crowning, and they told me I needed an episiotomy, and while I hadn't wanted one my husband had a look and said if they didn't I was going to get a pretty bad tear, so I agreed to it. She numbed the area during the next contraction, and did it the one after, and bubby came right out all in the one push!

    The poor little thing let out a wail, my husband and mother burst into tears and hugged each other. I was amazed, I'd done it!

    The midwife picked the baby up and put it onto my tummy, and then we all realised at once that we still hadn't spotted whether it was a boy or a girl. I picked the baby up to look and cried out and a weird voice that didn't sound like my own, 'it's a boy!'

    I put him on my chest and my husband came in close to look at his little face. He asked me if his name was Nathan or Thomas, our two choices, and I said I didn't know because I was suddenly worried that I might name him the wrong thing! I looked at him carefully for a moment and let my heart decide, and it was Nathan.

    My husband cut the chord and then they weighed him, 3.8kgs (8 pounds 8 ounces)! I breastfed him for the first time, and then they wrapped him up and gave him to his daddy as it was time for me to deliver the placenta.


    It wouldn't come out.

    They had a chat to me about that, and explained I was going to go off to have it manually removed by a surgeon. I was scared, especially when the dreaded word epidural was mentioned, and my husband and son weren't allowed to come with me.

    They got me on the operating table, explained what I needed to do during the epidural, and were just about to put in the numbing needles when an alarm went off. There was an emergency c-section coming in. I was pulled off the table and put in the waiting room.

    I lay in that waiting room, facing a clock, and watched two hours tick by. I asked a nurse if they'd told my husband what was happening and she said she'd try to locate him to let him know I was okay. She did not. He was upstairs with a newborn in his arms, thinking I might have died. Not cool hospital, not cool.

    Another nurse came along and asked me if I'd slept, I said I just couldn't. She asked how long I'd been waiting, and when I told her she was horrified and ran off to get mad at the surgical team for me. She came back and said they were just prepping the room for me and I'd be going in in about five minutes. Mercifully she was right.

    So, I had a natural birth, but I've also had an epidural. Lucky me

    The manual removal took like five minutes, and then she stitched up my episiotomy for me, and I was done and on my way in fifteen minutes. I know this because once again there was a clock to watch. I could see that I still had legs, but I certainly couldn't feel them.

    I was transported upstairs and brought into a room with all of my family and in laws waiting for me. I spotted my Nathan, lying in his granny's arms. They all wished me well, and then left me with just my husband and son.

    So, my story is proof that a child can be born on it's due date, and also that no matter how badly you don't want an epidural, sometimes circumstances arise that give you no option!


    ps- Nathan is 13 months old now, he's smart, healthy, cheeky and massively cute.

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    What a great journey - and i love the name - perfect for a little man.

    I also went through a drug free birth only to end up with a retained placenta as well - and a spinal block! And like you, there were so many emergencies that kept coming in that took priority over me - I ended up waiting six hours to get into theatre. I was amazed that with all the waiting and time it took to get the spinal and prepped ready for surgery that I was only in there for five minutes....

    Thanks for sharing :-)


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