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    Quote Originally Posted by duckduckgoose View Post
    If he's happy and healthy I wouldn't worry. My DS is 17 months and about 14kg, and he's a big boy!

    He eats heaps some days and then hardly anything other days. Since I weaned him from the breast he eats a lot more. It really varies a lot, but a GOOD day might be:

    Breakfast - 3/4 banana, one piece of toast with organic peanut butter. 125ml cows milk.

    Morning tea - 2 mini veggie muffins

    Lunch - 2 egg omelette with grated carrot, cheese and corn. He might only eat half though.

    Afternoon tea - 1 Ryvita with vegemite, or a piece of cheese and a cracker, or something similar. Maybe a piece of fruit instead. Probably another 125ml cows milk.

    Dinner - Often hardly anything especially if it involves vegies. He'll often just eat the protein component - like some chicken. He loves pasta and rice. It really varies, he always has about 1/4 cup plain full-fat yoghurt for dessert.

    That's it. On days he is looked after by grandparents he often eats virtually nothing the whole day and then has a big dinner.
    Where do you get the vege muffin from? I am so eager to try different things!

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    Firstly I want to say 'don't stress'.

    Toddlers are not emotional eaters. They eat when hungry. If I stuff myself one day, I am not very hungry the following day either. & if I stuff myself for a week, I could go a day or two on crumbs

    My DD is/was a 'fussy eater'. I spent HOURS concocting 'interesting' meals and waiting anxiously by her side to praise if she so much as licked something.

    A YEAR later (she's 2 now) I 'gave up'/'ran out of energy'. & told her 'to eat what she was given' (I'd give her fruit, shed ask for cheese, I'd tell her 'no cheese, your morning tea's on your table' and ignore her)

    Surprise surprise, she gave in!

    She now has;
    Breakfast; porridge w berries (1/2 cup) or toast (2 pieces) or 3 weetbix.
    Morning tea: fruit (1-2 whole pieces)
    Lunch: chicken or ham salad sandwich
    Afternoon tea: 3/4 cup yogurt
    Dinner: what ever we are having but only 1/2 as much as we eat.

    She also still has 200ml milk morning & night.

    She's very tall, and 15 kg.

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    Ds was 14 kilos at 14 months, he is now 14.2 at 25 months,

    He does not eat much, he is SO fussy and you have to offer food st the exact right moment to get him to eat it.

    On a good day

    B - cereal or 2 slices of vegemite toast

    S - yogurt or 1/2 a small apple, no skin

    L - vegemite s/wich

    S - carrot sticks, usually play with not eat.

    D - if meat and veg 1 piece broccoli, 3 peices of carrot, 1 sausage.

    If chicken tonight etc 1/4 a cup of it.

    He wont eat dairy (except yogurt) he wont eat *most* veggies, he wont drink milk and he dribks max 1 250 ml of water a day.

    He breast feeds before bed.

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    Wow my DS is massive he's only just gone 7 months and is 11kg haha he's also long though.
    Just wanted to subscribe for future ref coz we're still just testing foods.

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    Hi Tubster. I get a lot of recipes from this book: http://www.booktopia.com.au/deceptiv...061767937.html and some from this book: http://www.fishpond.com.au/Books/Bab.../9781863965569

    The pikelets in the first book are great. Just uses a shake pikelet mix and you add like pureed sweet potato etc and there is another recipe in there with puree beetroot and ricotta and grated apple. Sounds not too flash but they love them.

    There are also some really good muffin recipes in these books with heaps of carrot, pineapple, apple, cauliflower(!), squash (!) hidden in them. I just cook them up in mini muffin tins and freeze them for daycare lunches.

    I also cook 2 of these each week: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/5546/zucchini+slice and cut up and freeze for lunches. Sometimes if work has been busy and I get home really late I will even get one out of the freezer for my tea!

    Would love to see what others give their 1-2 year olds for food. I learn so many good ideas from you other mummas.


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