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    Oh, I totally feel for you!! I had both my bottom wisdom teeth removed while pregnant (years apart, tho) and they were both terrible experiences, sorry to say, mainly because they can only use local medication I think a top would've been a lot less painful b/c most of the pain was from the pushing down on the jaw.

    Hopefully this doesn't matter to you tho, b/c yours is a top tooth issue. If it's bottom, tho, I'd get them to try every possible alternative, hon.

    Good luck and let us know how you go!!

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    One of my closest friends needed hers out but found out she was pregnant. Then breastfeeding and couldn't have them out. Mainly because she needed a GA not local. You need to find out whether it would be easy.
    Mine were impacted. I needed a GA. It cost me $3500!!!!! No phi at the time.
    If a panadiene isn't helping have you tried heat packs on the side it hurts??
    If its hurting there might be an infection and some antibiotics are safe in pregnancy. Antibiotics will help the pain because they reduce the inflammation.
    Also dissolvable panadol to hold in your mouth where it hurts, you can spit out. As for natural remedies, I've heard rubbing a clove on the painful area can help?? Haven't tried that one myself.
    Good luck, I sympathise. It's the most horrible pain.


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