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    Default How to help a friend **WARNING possible trigger**

    I have a friend who has been thro a lot in her life, she was abandoned by both parents after suffering physical an sexual abuse from her father, they fell into a physical, emotional an sexual abusive relationship with a guy, she has hurt her self so much her arms are just wrinkles of scars, same with her upperlegs, she has a few mental issues but I am not sure what they all are, I know she has bipolar, and a few personality disorders, she often tries to kill her self. She lives with her sister and their new baby and when she has a episode she leaves the house so she isnt around the new baby, i don't know where she goes, she can't come to mine as I have 2 young children to. Last night she tried to jump infront of a speeding car on a main rd, the only reason se stopped is because lifeline called the police, in the process of being arrested she had her arm broken then realised she almost ruined someone elses life. She dosnt realise if she dose commit suicide she isn't only ending her life but ruining all her friends and her sisters. I jug don't know what to do anymore, I keep trying to tell her that life is worth living and making points on how it is, but I don't know. I havnt tried to kill my self, iv only hurt my self once and i regretted it when I did it so I really have no idea

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    you can't help her until she is ready to help herself. I also know of someone similar but she too can't not be helped at the moment. hospitalization, counsellor, medication i.e lithium etc will only work if they want it to and are committed to getting better the person I know sees her psych and just lies and tells them what they want to hear, it's sad.

    good luck with your friend it sounds like you will be on this roller coaster for a while

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    I agree, you can't help her until she wants to be helped. It can be a long and drawn out process but you just need to be there for her. A stint in hospital might be of some benefit to her but she would have to want to get help for it to be of any help.

    I'm not sure if you can do anything either as she is in adult and so the decision lays with her.

    But best of luck with it all. Just keep being there for her and be strong yourself because the cycle could carry on for a very long time. If you become to concerned for her welfare I would speak to the health services about your friend and express your concerns. They could offer you some advice.

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    I agree with Newmum and Life in, until she is willing to ask for help it is going to be a vicious cycle for her. Maybe do some research on various doctors or hospital clinics or support groups that can help her or that she could go to. Give her some options to choose from even if she chooses one suggest that you will go with her for support. Good luck and I hop you can find a solution.

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