Not adamant, but I would rather known to unknown as I want our children to ahve the option to explore their genetic history if they so desire, the way I never got to as the child of someone who didn't want me.

Like I said, he will be living in queeensland so although we will see him occasionally (as my friend, not their father) it won't be an every second weakened arrangement. It will be a few times a year arrangement.

If DP had an issue with it, we wouldn't do it. As it stands, she prefers the idea of doing it at home as she will get to inseminate me which she wouldn't be able to do in a clinic. I'm not bothered either way (assuming we are all on the same page re donor etc) so the ultimate decision will be hers. She also likes that she doesn't know him very well. While he and I have known each other for ten years, until this year we hadn't seen each other for 5 of them...we aren't buddy buddy friends in that respect, but pretty serious with each other I.e I was the first person he came out too, for example.