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    The midwives suggested I wear 2 maternity pads end-to-end for the first few days when I had really heavy bleeding -I can't remember how long it was heavy enough for this - maybe a week or two. You really can't have enough pads - you probably won't feel like going out to buy more for the first little while so I suggest stocking up now. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaliyahsmummy View Post
    I bearly bleed....only for 1 day in hostpital, then it stopped for 2 weeks before being a slightly heavy period kinda thing, went for around 10 days.
    Quote Originally Posted by Girl X View Post
    I hardly had any bleeding at all.

    I bought 2 packs, and ended up using a couple of pads - and that was it. It was less than a normal period.

    The left over pads DID come in handy though, as someone gave me the great tip of putting one across your CS scar, so that clothes don't press on it. I did that for a couple of weeks, even though it wasn't sore, just because it made it feel nice and cushioned.
    ^^ This! With my emergency and elective csections I bled for exactly two weeks. It was the same as a period. In fact this time Im having periods that are worse.

    I agree with using a pad across your scar.

    Quote Originally Posted by angenrod View Post
    Hi everyone- quick question about the 24 hours after a c section....
    If you don't normally get out of bed till the next day (after surgery)
    With my emergency I was out of bed walking and showered 12 hours later (next day). With my elective I walked 5 hours later (same day).


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