Hi guys, I'm 29 and was diagnosed with Lupus in November 2011. Since my rheumatologist put me on anti-seizure medication (Epilim) I've been worried that it could affect my implant that I have to stop me from becoming pregnant, of course the doctors have told me not to worry about it cause it's a different class of drug. Well wouldn't you know my cycle has been non existant for the last two months and I'm very regular usually on the 14th of every month like clockwork, I'm nauceous and can't eat much without feeling like I'm gonna hurl. Even certain smells have me closely inspecting the internals of our toilet! My boobs hurt alot and are very sensitive, even a shirt against them causes a world of pain, my back and shoulders haven't been too friendly and I'm sleeping 70% of the day away.

I went to the doctors yesterday with my husband and they did a pee test that returned negative and the doctor scheduled me for an u/sound tomorrow afternoon. I have been reading on the forums that alot of women on implanon have previously returned a false negative result so do you think it is possible for me?