This happened a month ago and I am still stressing so much I feel sick. Can someone set my mind at ease?
We have been staying at a resort for the past 4 months since our home flooded back in Feb. Anyway, I received a call out of the blue from the resort Manager on a Monday afternoon at 2.30pm to say that pest control needed to get in to spray our villa. I was totally put on the spot and had my toddler throwing a tantrum at the same time in the middle of the library. I tried to dispute having it done but the manager was so pushy and persuasive and went on and on about it being organic and totally safe and the spray only takes seconds to dry and then is perfectly safe for the kids. I don't even think I ended up agreeing to it before she said thank you and hung up.
I went straight from the library to pick my four year old up from kindy and stupidly went straight back to the villa - the doors and windows were open and there was no smell - but apprently the spray is ouderless. My 2 year old was asleep so I put him straight down on his bed while miss 4 watched tv.
I inspected everywhere for any sign of the spray and cleaned up a few wet areas on the floor near the skirtings - but didn't even think until later about it being in the air and that the kids could possibly be inhaling it.

Since googling it - every single pest control site says kids under 5 should stay out for at least 4 hours after spraying. I am sooooo angry at myself and feel so stupid and such a bad mother for going straight back there. I found out who the pest control company was and there was also nothing remotely ' organic' about it!! It was Bifenthrin a synthetic pyrethroid that was used. It was only sprayed around the skirtings but I am so worried about vapors and airborne particles that couldve been floating around.

I keep going over and over in my head why on earrth I didnt think to go and stay with a friend for the night or something - but it was all so sudden and unexpected I just didn't have time to think it through. I can't stop thinking about how I couldve done long term damage to their little bodies for exposing them to this and I will never forgive myself if I have. I have written a letter to the resort (we have since moved to a different one) expressing my concern over the way they handled this. With kids involved, I don't know why they couldnt have given us some sort of prior notice to arrange an acceptable time - given us the appropriate re entry guidelines - my son also has asthma and I have read on the net, it is usally advised those with asthma stay away from the property overnight - and also been honest about the actual chemicals being used. I think I feel worse about all this, than about the house flooding!!