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    Default Electricity and Telephone Company Doorknockers

    I was reading another thread on charity sellers and thought I'd start my own on doorknockers from Electricity and Telephone companies who don't like the word 'no'.

    I live in Adelaide and there must be a glut at the moment as over the past six months we have been visited by about 12 various companies desperately selling their plans. Some have been quite intimidating. And unfortunately, not a lot of them have been honest.

    I put the following warnings up as an FYI:
    • don't show anyone your household bills - it's like giving them a key to your home;
    • never let them inside your house or around your house - ie access to your power box;
    • don't trust their company made ID - it doesn't mean a thing;
    • never give them your full name or any personal details such as which company you are with;
    • if you don't wish to engage, don't worry about being impolite: they are trained to take advantage of people who don't want to be rude. Be forceful if you have to. They're on your property.
    • If they remain on your property after you have asked them to leave, calmly take down their details and then tell them you will be calling the Police if they don't leave;
    • Call the Police if you feel threatened. I did when a couple of blokes purporting to be selling solar energy panels came to my elderly mother's door and were very aggressive with their selling. The Police were fantastic.
    • Call the Energy or Telecommunications Ombudsman. They'll take your details and will follow on with your inquiry. Mine took 2 days. They were very good.
    • Put up a sign signalling your intentions and don't be afraid to take action if you feel you have to.

    If more people report these invaders then hopefully this will work towards getting some form of legislation up and running that will prevent these companies from invading our homes.

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    Great advice! I had an electricity company guy come door knocking last week. The timber door was open and the security screen was locked. He knocked on the door just like the police do (loud!) then yells at the top of his lungs "hello is anyone home at <insert my address>". I came running down the hallway and said please shoosh my baby is sleeping. Then he starts going on loud again. I just said no thank you and closed the timber door. Who rocks up at an address though yelling out that address?!?

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    We had heaps door knockers from the power companies (some of them were quite rude) so I put up a 'Do not knock' sticker. It looks a bit unwelcoming, but we haven't had any problems since.

    You can get a free 'Do not knock' sticker from Origin energy, Victorian legal aid or print out a sign from the Consumer action law centre site.

    ...and if they ignore the sign/ sticker you can lodge a complaint here: http://donotknock.org.au/take-action/make-a-complaint/
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    I had a Telstra contractor promise me that Telstra would pay the fee to optus to break my contract and look after the contract termination and everything. Called Telstra and they said they never do anything like that and it was one big misrepresentation.

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    We have people from Optus and Vodafone all the time... It's funny, we just tell them to take a step back from the door, turn their head to the right and have a look at the big white van in the driveway with "Telstra" down the side...
    Dh works for them so he normally answers the door in uniform and it's surprising the b*ll**** they say that he calls them on...
    It doesn't take them too long to leave!!


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