Hi all, Ive just found out that I am pregnant again after having my first IVF conceived DD in Feb. This was very much a planned pregnancy being FET (frozen embryo transfer) but we didn't think our chances of it actually working were very high. During my first pregnancy my good friend was only 8 weeks behind me but sadly lost her baby at 23 weeks. Our friendship became quite difficult following the loss as she struggled to watch the rest of my very healthy pregnancy and birth. She has just suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks after completing another round of IVF herself. My DH and I are very good friends with her and her DH but we have not told them of our FET cycle or it's success. We are desperately sad for their situation and have no idea the best way to tell them of our pregnancy. Anyone with any advice who may have been in a similar situation? When do i tell her? How do I tell her? Should it be my DH who talks to her DH instead of face to face? I really don't want to lose our friendship. Things were VERY awkward and strained after her first loss and I woulx do anything to make this easier for her. Please help!!