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    Hi, I had a CS in october and will be having another this year in December. It was fantastic, DH got to cut the cord, bub was wrapped and put on my chest while I was stitched and glued. Then in recovery we did skin to skin. Bub was with me the whole time.

    Back in my room DH bathed bub with the midwife then more skin to skin.

    You are naked other than the gown for the CS. Back in the room the midwife helped me put a top on and they covered the bottom half with sheets. I just laid on some sort of absorbent pads which the midwives changed.

    My CS was at 6pm and I was up at 8am the next morning, I was very sore but able to shower and dress myself. Didn't have much bleeding at all, they use a suction thing when you are cut open to clean out a lot of blood etc which reduces bleeding.

    This was my experience at a private hospital (John Flynn) and can't praise the staff enough, they were all fantastic.

    Hope your CS is just as memorable!

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    I had a great c-section. I didn't get skin to skin straight away as bub had to go to special care. You may be lucky have your baby in recovery but it might depend on the number of nurses to look after you and bub. My nurse said they can't always be with you if there is women who have had a miscarriage and are in recovery. The last thing they want to hear is a crying baby.

    My advise is what ever happens happens and having bubs warm and healthy is most important.

    Bleeding I had lots but never had it pouring out other than the 1st shower. Take all the help that is offered and it takes longer than you think. We told people ours was 2 hrs later than it was and people still worried. You can be pushed back if a emergency comes up.

    Good luck

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    I had a great c-section! Had skin to skin and bub stayed with me throghout recovery, actually she didn't leave my side at all!

    My recovery was really easy, I had minimal pain and was walking around by the next day. When we fall pregnant again I'll definitely be having another c-section. It was so calm for us and no drama what so ever.

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    I ended up having to have a non elective after 28 hrs of failed induction (gel, ARM and drip) and it was absolutely amazing. I was giggling through it and everything.
    They did wrap her straight after (when I was getting stitched back up/moved into recovery) bur they unwrapped her and put her on me for sks and a feed as soon as we got into recovery and she was like that for the next five hours.


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