I know its totally normal.
But its really hard.. feeling bad..
Dd is 12 months.. she seems to love daycare once I go but always cries when I go.. I always listen and she literally stops crying immediately. I know they are very good to her as I eased her in over a few weeks and would pop in to check on her through the window. they always rock or pat her to sleep, don't leave her to cry and one of the young girls carries her around a lot and they seem to have a bit of a bond When I pick her up she is usually having heaps of fun..
But she is such a whinge bag at home lol..
Keeps throwing herself on the floor crying every time I walk away.. she wants to come EVERYWHERE with me.. eg toilet, shower, fridge.. won't even accept following behind me but actually needs to be in my arms! It's the end of the world if I put her down for a split second.
I was planning on night weaning het but since she seems to need so much physical contact some friends have suggested holding off till she gets through this stage. Has anyone else been through this and how did you cope?

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