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    We have the same problem in my house! My girls are almost 7 and 13 months! To be honest the big sister is harder than the little one!
    I find that I'm getting so frustrated with her because 'she should know better' at her age. But then I feel bad that I'm putting too much pressure on her, I can't win!
    At least school holidays are almost done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GirlyWirly View Post
    Some nights I go into her room to turn off her bedside lamp and get a horrible pang of guilt when I look down at her beautiful little sleeping face and I realise that the day we shared was mostly no fun for either of us

    That's usually a big kick up the backside for me and I give her a big kiss and tuck her in and start the next day fresh with lots of focus on being positive and having fun (can be challenging to keep it up though!)
    Oh God, I do that too! I swear, DD just pushes my buttons some days and I get so ****ing cross with her! But I always try to make sure she goes to bed on a happy note (because I'd hate for her to go to sleep thinking mummy or daddy didn't love her or were angry at her) even if it takes an hour to calm her down from her tantrum (which happens really often at bedtime).

    My dad used to say to me that my brother and I were perfect angels when we slept and he always loved us a little bit more while we slept (with his tongue in his cheek - we always knew how much he loved us, RIP Dad) - and I now know exactly what he meant. It breaks my heart to look down on the angelic, chubby face of my sleeping toddler and think that I was ever mad at her...

    But then she wakes up the next morning and say NO to Weetbix, NO to toast, NO to fruit, NO to eggs...and it all starts again! It all gets better magically when she turns three, right?


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