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    Default Argh!

    Just a vent.

    Yesterday at the shops i was watching this boy - maybe 12-13 years old run and drive a pram VERY reckless with a newborn baby in the pram. When i mean reckless, i mean running while this little girl slept, turning corners extremely fast so the side of the pram would go up on two wheels, stop almost immediately so the baby would almost fall out. I was SO shocked. I stood there giving this 12 year old the dirtiest look ( if looks could kill he would have dropped to the floor!) My partner also stood in his way so he would stop, he was just as shocked as i was!
    I honestly couldn't believe it.

    Where was the mother?!! Following behind and didn't say a word.
    What the?!!
    How can people be so irresponsible?
    What if that boy tripped and the whole pram fell over and the little bub got hurt? Or he ran into someone and hurt the other person and bub? I havent been able to get it out of my head for the past two days!

    SILLY BOY!!!!!

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    Reminds me of how many times i see babies unrestrained in prams. even if they are newborn or on top of the trolley's on the capsules.... yesterday i saw quite a large baby being pushed in a trolley in the capsule and she had no belts on, all she had to do was slightly turn and she would have fallen out. Actually, she looked to be a bit big for it as well, which was scary. I was at the local shopping centre and once i saw a little girl trying to climb out of the pram, the mother was just standing there next to her daydreaming and she fell out and hit her head on the hard floor. she just picked her up and popped her back in with no belt again!!! ive also seen a newborn being pushed in a pram with no belt but somehow it had slid waaaay down to near the front of the pram.. it's not hard to restrain them!! WHY are the parents so LAZY!! grr.

    Yes, that is very irresponsible of the mother to let the boy push the pram like that, all it takes is a second and the baby or someone could have been hurt.


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