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    I would get hospital cover only. Like others have said I don't think extras are necessary until they are much older. Unless you plan on taking the baby to the chiro or physio a lot?

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    well in my case DD2 had to have surgery when she was 7 weeks old and having private cover meant that the best pediatric surgeon in the country did the surgery and if we didn't have private health then his training doctors would have done it. i know that they would probably have done just as good a job i still preferred that he was doing it. that is only my case though each to their own but $100 a month is quite a big rise but just so u know if you add bub straight away they can always have cover but if you don't and say at 1 month old bub developed a life long illness they would never be able to them get private health to cover that condition... i know its very rare but just wanting you to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelbourneManda View Post
    I currently have singles cover and it will be an extra $100 a month to cover bub. I am giving birth in a public hospital so if there are any complications bub will be transferred to Royal Children's.

    The insurance company tells me the baby will get the same cover as me but I can't imagine a newborn needing a great deal of physio and dental?

    I am happy to pay if it would be worthwhile, can anyone give me some examples of when a young baby would need cover?

    Both my babies visited chiro at 10 wks and 4 wks ... Ds was 10 wks had bad colic and his neck was out and it helped.
    Dd was 4 wks she wouldn't feed properly on one side visited gp and mchn they told me nothing was wrong ... We went to the chiro I'd used before for ds - her arm was slightly out of the socket causing a lot of pain this helped massively!
    Baby 3 due dec will be going to visit within 2 wks of being born for a check!


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