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    Default Two year olds and television

    Hi all,

    I have an almost 2yo and an 8mthold. And as you can imagine, some days I just want to bury my head in the sand (or under the pillow) and pretend I'm anywhere but here.

    We have found ourselves in a bind with your 2yo. She is constantly asking to watch a movie or DVD and if not that, then to tinker around on our iPad. I really hate the thought of using the tv or iPad as a virtual babysitter, but sometimes it is just easier to give her what she wants as opposed to dealing with the argument and tantrum that will ensue.

    Am I being a terrible lazy mother by giving in?

    I will add, that she doesn't get her own way all the time. But I worry about the impact letting her sit in front of a movie has, especially given all the information out there and professional opinions on the matter (which all say no tv for kids her age).

    Is there anyone else having the same troubles? How do you handle it?

    Would love to hear some ideas and comments on the issue.


    Mummy Nay

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    Hi exactly the dame problem! I have actually asked dh to take it off the wall and put it in the spare room as i hate it on but cant stand the nagging... Plus its a 52 inch plasma and i worry about radiation.

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    Hi Mummy Nay

    I have a 2yr old too and I let her watch TV and a couple of movies.

    She has activities on most days - e.g., gymnastics, playgroups, play dates, swimming - and she's a very active little girl.

    She's also able to play independently, and enjoys her toys, colouring, etc. And she has a long attention span for making up games/ playing with toys.

    That being the case I see nothing wrong with TV now and again, and I do sometimes use it so that I can get something done.

    I think it's all about balance. As long as they are physically active, and not watching TV all the time, and are still able to play with other things, then I don't see it as an issue.

    DD has a big vocabulary, and I have noticed that she's picked up a lot of words and ideas from TV shows that she will discuss with me later. I see it as another learning tool, just one to be used sparingly.

    If she's asking to watch stuff and I don't want her to/ think she's watched too much that day, then I'll say no and suggest she plays with something else. She's normally pretty good at accepting that, so I don't have too much advice about how to deal with tantrums about that - sorry.

    I definitely don't think you are a terrible or lazy mother either! My personal suggestion would be to use those tools sparingly when needs be, and not stress about doing so!

    Judge it on how your DD is behaving. Is she active? Is she meeting her developmental milestones? Is she able to play independently? Is she interested in other things too? Is she able to concentrate on a task? If your answer is yes to all of these, then it sounds like she is doing just fine exactly how you've been doing things

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    I have 2 yo DS tv is always on in the back round, he only stops to watch a few shows he really likes, most of the time I am left listening to it because he is off playing with something


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