SBS Television’s Insight program will talk about FORGIVENESS and is looking for people with stories of betrayal.
  • Has someone lied to you, cheated on you, deceived you or broke your trust in some way?
  • Have you ever tried or succeeded in maintaining a relationship without forgiving a past hurt?
  • Have you ever betrayed a loved one? Did you want forgiveness?
  • Have you ever wrestled with forgiveness after someone betrayed your trust?
  • Have you ever taken a stand to not forgive someone who hurt you?

Insight is a televised discussion forum that brings together a diverse group of people to share their ideas and stories. We're hoping to include everyday examples of betrayal and forgiving - or not forgiving - in this episode.

If you’re happy to share your story with Insight over the phone, email your contact details and a few lines about your experience of betrayal and forgiveness to

All conversations are confidential and for research purposes only. In saying this, Insight is looking for people to join the filming of the program 11 July 2012.

We apologise if we’re unable to respond to your contact.