For those of us with little gifted kiddies it's fun to try & imagine what programs will be available to them by the time they reach high school. Learning in high school will look very different in a few years, it's already very different to 10 years ago. ipads are a good example.

What different sorts of learning experiences are your kids doing now that are different to 'traditional' teaching methods of the past?

My ds loves Reading Eggs, which is a great program for young kids, that would have been very hard to access anything similar not that many years ago.

Finding Lego instructions online is also pretty cool. My ds is currently sick & home from Kinder and has been making Lego constantly for the last 5 days. We'd lost some of the instructions, but found the pdf online free of charge.

There are heaps of iphone apps that my ds loves, although at the moment we're mostly focusing on fun rather than full on educational stuff.

Google of course is a great tool. When we had the earthquake in Melbourne last week I got to show him all sorts of things to answer his multiple questions.

I wonder if our kids will be doing uni courses on their ipads by the age of 15?