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    Remember it is your birth, your body, your baby. You absolutely have the right to refuse/request anything you like.

    You dont know who will be on shift when you birth, so you dont know their personal ideals or preferences, but just make sure DP/your support person knows your birth plan inside out and can advocate your wishes, say your in pain and dont have the word power to refuse an internal or syntocin jab they are coming at you with!

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttoneska View Post
    So now that I am getting further along with my pregnancy I am thinking about my birth choices.

    For me, I believe the best place to birth would be in the hospital I have picked as it would make me feel the safest and most confident which I think will put me in the best position to birth effectively.

    BUT I am realising that some of the choices I want may not be respected/encourage in a hospital environment and am wondering how other ppl who have been in a similar situation to me went about creating the birth they wanted.

    I dont have it all worked out but the main things I think will be important to me, hubby and bub would be
    -labour at home as long as ossible
    -transfer to the hospital
    -natural as possible - no epidural or pain relief or synto (nothing set in stone and I am flexible but I don't want them pushing it down my throat. If it is something that I choice fine , but i don't want them pushing it on me or telling me I can't do it natural etc)
    -active birth - I want to be able to walk around, different positions etc. Possibly use the shower.
    -i am not opposed to monitoring but don't want it consistantly or if it means I can't have an active birth
    -i am mindful that constant monitoring could also pick up potential issues which would encourage a c-sect (how do I know if its a legit concern or if its just a timeline/random monitoring thing)
    -2nd stage not rushed - do i need to find out what the time limits are on this b4 the push for a csect?
    -baby put straight on my chest/breast (skin to skin)
    -delay cord clamping
    -natural 3rd stage (no oxy shot?? or is this just a given at most hospy these days?)
    -no hep b shot, haven't decided on vit k (but would like to hold off until a few hrs post birth at least to assess how traumtic the birth was and if we think its beneficial for the shot)?

    So, do you think this is possible in a hospy environment and how do you suggest I go about expressing our wishes.

    What things do I need to make 'non-negotiable' and what things do you think I need to be more flexible on?

    Do you think I also need to to make 'plans' about how I would a c-sect etc?

    Also, what things did you take into the hospital room with you to make you feel comfortable and 'at home'?
    I hired a doula, if you can, I highly recommend it.
    I wrote a birth plan and I did include incase of c/s and after baby care (incase something happened and I couldn't be with baby)
    What can you be flexible on? I think it all seems ok as long as everything is running smoothly and there are no complications I don't see why they would say no. I found I had to work hard to not get monitoring, and once I said no they were ok with that.
    I took in my ipod with my meditations, I also took in my lamp and had the lights shut for something soothing to look at. My doula brought in some music aswell and she massaged me. And I had my tens machine on. Afterwards in my room I brought my own pillows, my feeding pillow, and my blanket which all had my smell. I don't know if it did anything but I wanted the baby to feel comfortable on the bed with me and then have the same smell when we came home.

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    I had an amazing natural birth in a public hospital. I had never met the midwives prior to that day but they were very respectful of my choices even though they weren't the norm. I had preeclampsia so they wanted continuous monitoring but were ok with me refusing. I also refused IV antibiotics which were recommended as I was strep b positive (would have had them if I my waters had broken early or had other risk factors). I caught bub myself and put her straight on my belly for the breast crawl. The midwife had never seen a natural third stage or the breast crawl and was actually really delighted and supportive. Good luck, OP. there's no reason you can't have the birth you want in hospital but it's probably worth making sure your partner or a doula are well versed in your wishes and there to advocate for you

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    You have to be strong, have your choices clearly expressed, have your support person clear on your choices and be able to stand up to staff as to why your choices are appropriate. I had a doctor make me explain my reason for refusing syntocin. He wasn't happy with my choice, but couldn't clinically argue with my reason for refusing further medical intervention at that point.

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    I brought up all my requests and concerns at every appointment so I heard several MWs opinions so I knew what I was up against.

    I placated them a lot too. lots of "oh okay thanks.... oh yeah that's okay"- while thinking " pfft screw that"

    I wrote a very specific birth plan. Like - if X happens I want *this*. incl if I had an emergency csection. etc

    most I just kept talking about my concerns and requirements. Even if they weren't always respected I felt like I was well rehearsed when it came to it.

    The only thing was the MW got in my face repeatedly about breaking my waters I did consent just to make her stop talking to me. She blahblahblahblahed policies and "let" and whatever crap at me and I was so exhausted by the sound of her voice I let her do it to shut her up...

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