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    Default Hormones

    just wondering how all you lovely ladies TTC are coping off birth-control and what side effects you are experiencing?
    for me its pimples, just around my jaw line and on my neck, I have never had them this bad, even as a teenager. It will be worth it in the end but for now I am completely embarrassed

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    I went off the pill about 18months before TTC (because I suffer from migraines) & we used condoms until we were ready to try (not fun!).
    My skin went CHAOTIC!!! I used proactive and it helped so much. I just used a small amount of the serum and continued with my own cleanser/moisturiser and this helped prevent my skin becoming dehydrated. I also took some herbal tablets for my skin but I've stopped now because of TTC.
    I also noticed feeling hormonal much more. You know when you feel completely ****ty with the world but you know there isn't anything actually wrong. I just internally laugh at myself when I am doing this...it seems to take the edge off because I know I'm just being ridiculous
    good luck with TTC and your breakouts...I just keep telling myself that once I'm pregnant I'm going to be one of the lucky ones with glowing, radiant skin


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