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    Default 9 year old licking her lips!!

    Hi My DD9 licks her lips all the time, i think it may be an anxiety thing. But she is really obsessed with her vaseline she takes it everywhere!!. If she forgets it she goes nuts... I try to explain she can't have it forever she has to learn to stop doing it. And also her clothes has oily marks all over it... How do i teach her to stop being obsessed with it? and to stop licking her lips??

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    I had this when I was about 9 or 10 it turned out it was a anxiety thing mixed with a self confidence thing. Theres a cream you can get on prescription to help with the sore a it tastes like crap she will stop licking. Mum also enrolled me in karate classes and modeling classes and drama to help my anxiety and self confidence. I do it now when I'm having a really bad day now I just have to talk my self out of the anxiety attack. Also maybe swap the vasaline for paw paw cream should stop the oily residue.



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