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    Default Several questions - Including Pap smear question!

    Hi Girls

    I have my first doctor appointment later today to confirm my pregnancy (OMG it feels weird to say MY pregnancy lol), and I have a few questions that I would like others opinions on, as well as the doctors.

    1. I am up for my Pap smear test. Previously I have had surgery due to CIN2 and CIN3 cells being found. I have actually had 3 ops.

    Question 1. Is there really much point is having a pap smear now? If there are abnormal cells, they can't do anything til after the birth any how. So what's they point? (I believe my doctor will of course say I need to have the pap smear done... So will probably not give me unbiased information/opinion).

    Question 2. Due to have 3 Leetz/Leep surgeries, will this increase my chances much of an 'incompetent uterus?' Has anyone had these op's before and been ok?

    2. I have Hemachromotosis. Genetically I store too much iron which after a few years can affect some major internal organs.

    Anybody have this? I have a slight iron overload now, so am sure the baby should even out my stores, but just wanting to hear if others have had this too.

    Is there a problem if you have too much iron while pregnant?


    3. TMI

    I tear down stairs ALL the time... If my whoharr folds the wrong way, or if I try squish an air bubble out (I am not the only one who does this am I?) I get a papercut like tear (about 2 or 3 cms long) down there...

    During sex, if he goes in the wrong way, I tear down near the perineum..

    So how in the hell am I not going to tear when I push a watermelon out?

    Is my fragile vagina state, something I should mention to my GP?


    I already have what seems to be varicose veins in my whoharr.. I have had them for many years and they have never caused me issue.

    But again, is this something I should mention to the doctor when I see him today? Or can it wait til 3 months or something?

    I am not even sure they are varicose veins. I just have a purple spider vein here and there and one bit that looks like a pool of blood (unchanged for years.. I once squeezed/popped it and it bled for ages... Never doing that again!).

    Any way, I am sure I will have more questions. These are just the ones I can think of now

    Thanks for reading
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    congrats on your pregnancy!

    regarding the pap smear, i know i was due for one when i first got my BFP but the dr wouldnt do it as it opens up the cervix and can increase miscarriage risk. so not sure if they will do one anyway? i had mine at my 6 week check up after my bubs was born.

    as for the iron.. watch out for constipation now that youre pregnant! i take iron supplements but also have a metamucil daily! what a concoction that is! not sure if you can have too much though. surely not?

    and maybe you could try perinium massage closer to your due date, you can google it. i think you do it around 4 - 6 weeks before youre due to help stretch out that area.

    try to write down all your questions so you can ask your ob when you have an appointment. you sound like me, i overthink EVERYTHING and always have a million questions to ask!

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    Thanks for the reply Allforthem...

    My Dr's response?... 'Ermmm...' (changed subject)..

    Will ask at my Referral appointment I think lol.


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