I need some ideas. I have about 3 or 4 days with DS for school holidays as he is going away as i have to work. One of the days is a birthday party, well 2 parties so that is completely out. On another day we are going to the movies to see a movie of his choice as we always do movies on holidays but i am stumped with what else i can do with him.

He is going to be busy while away but i dont want him to think i am boring and i want him to know that just because i do work, it doesnt mean we cant do stuff together as i am trying to achieve something for us.

The 3 days he is with my nana he is going shopping plus also to lone pine sanctuary i think it is. The following week he is away, he is going to a friends place and she will take him to playdates at her daughters house as there is 5 kids there plus go shopping and for some drives but he always has a great time with her he gets upset when its time to come back home.

Its not like he wont be doing anything at all but i want to do something fun and exciting with him.

Just thinking about it one of the days will most likely be out as a rest day as it will be right before school starts back up again and i dont want him too tired for school the next day.

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