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    Default Ivf odds

    Hi all,
    We are having to go down the ivf + pgd route at the end of July because I'm a carrier of a Genetic issue called Balanced robertsonian translocation.

    I was just wanting to know for anyone who has done ivf+pgd or just ivf, did it work first time, second time etc???

    I'm just sooo worried, I can't stop thinking about it

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    Hi Eleash,

    I know this is a very stressfull time and wish you all the best on your journey. I was extremely lucky and fell pregnant first ivf round. Had DS in 09 and was ready to go again with our frosty in 2010.

    I don't know if because we were so lucky we didn't expect any problems but long story short I am currently waiting for my blood result after my 5 transfer since DS.

    Fs recommended we do pdg this round (due to our failed plantations) but we decided against as funds were low along with the fact we didn't get Hugh numbers of fertilised eggs to start with.

    Hope your doing well and can seek some comfort in knowing your not alone. Happy to answer any question, well I can try anyway: )

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    We haven’t done PGD (yet, who knows we could need it) but all I can say, is don’t always go by odds. We were told that only 5% of cycles are cancelled, our first cycle was cancelled due to under-stimulation. We were told that we had a 55% chance of getting pregnant with each of our transfer’s, i guess we did, but we lost them. They told us only 50% of people get embryo’s to freeze (so we thought we wouldn’t get any), we ended up with 6 blasties (5 to freeze) from 9 fertilised eggs.

    Sometimes the odd’s don’t mean anything, because at the end of the day, you could just be the lucky one, or like us, you could just be the unlucky ones. I was always crazily looking up percentages of success and odds when i first started, but now i realise that even if the odds are good or bad, it doesn’t always determine your result. IVF is a stressful process, and you want to know if you have a good chance, but I’m just saying at the end of the day, you could be the one to beat the odds J All the very best of luck to you.

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    We are doing a FET with a PGD embryo next week! We have a thread going, the link is below with a couple of the girls on here doing it.

    The thing with PGD is it is a long road. You have to generally do a frozen cycle, then wait for results then a FET. I did my cycle in Feb, another one in March, now only just getting to FET now.

    The girls in our thread are pretty much in the same boat time wise, and 2 are PUPO at the moment.

    There are many factors in success. If you are young, but doing IVF just cause of the translocation, you should get a good number of embies to testing, of those you could expect quite a few to be normal and if you aren't having problems with infertility, then you should expect a really good chance of implantation, probably 60-70%.

    But on the other side, if you are older, have infertility, then have to make embies to get to PGD, then loose some in testing and then have problems with the implantation or immune issues the percents will go down.

    I would factor in 3 cycles with FET's and hopefully in that time should get there. If you are planning on more children that this one, it may be more beneficial to bank a cycle, so that you have more for testing, so do 2 IVF cycles then add all the embies together and only pay for testing once and you may get a few more to freeze, then if you want later you can use these also.

    Good luck, it is a hard road but well worth it



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