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    Default 2.5 yr old with constant bowel movements

    Hey guys. My dd is 2.5 and for the past 6 days she is having approx 5 or more bowel movements per day. Its foul smelling, soft (almost like mousse) and contains some undigested foods. She's now starting to get a rash as a result.
    I had The runs for a day on Friday and was wondering if it's related to what she might have but nonetheless, I'm starting to worry about what could be wrong. Is this regular for kiddies this age? Should I even be concerned? She has always been regular once a day. We have a good healthy diet however I've recently cut out a lot of foods with all the additives, preservatives and colours that affect behaviour in kiddies. could this be the issue?

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    I'd be taking her to doctor. It's a reasonable amount of time and now with a rash too seems like you should check it out.

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    I find if I get it too, it lasts alot longer with them, so its probably the same bug you had. I cut out milk until it goes away, their guts can become lactose intolerant and why it tends to last abit longer. If it persists or gets worse I'd go to the gp. I'm not sure about your diet change.


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