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    I hated high school.TBH I probably was smart enough to be better but I just hated all the effort.I spent alot of time bunking and smoking greenery from 5th form (whats that here? I was 15) onwards....kinda tried a bit in 6th form,then left halfway through 7th form and went to work fulltime.
    Yeah,Im not smart,Im easily distracted and cant apply myself (as my school reports would always say)
    So I am prob DID learn stuff but I am dreading the day my kids bring home fractions and assignments and I have to help

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    Well I don't think I learnt a hell of a lot to be honest. Bullying was a big issue back then and I hated school. Couldn't wait to leave and one day I got home from school when I was in year 10, not quite 15 and asked mum if I could leave school. She said "if you can find a full time job you can" don't think she expected that I would but the very next day I went to every shop in the shopping centre and enquired about a job. I got a full time job at a coffee shop so I went home and told mum and never went back to school. I stayed at that job for nearly 4yrs before deciding I wanted to study pharmacy which is what I did and my life went from there. I feel I achieved so much more out of school. We have a school reunion coming up, 20yr. And it seems I have achieved so much more in my life when leaving school so early than moist I went to school with that went through school and uni. I'm quite proud of what I have achieved


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