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    Quote Originally Posted by Minchi View Post
    Im unsure of why I couldn't dilate any further both times, and both times i was really relaxed and calm, actually i was pretty much joking and talking the whole time, both times i was in labour, i didn't even scream/cry, every time i had a contraction i'd just clench my fists and that's it really.. and the midwives were commenting how relaxed it was inside the room..

    for the first birth my waters broke at 4am and i stayed at home until 10am pretty much until the contractions were 3-4 mins apart and i went in, and then with the second birth i had my waters break at 9pm and i rang the hospital as i was barely 36 weeks by that point (no problems in either pregnancies either) and they said i ''must'' come in ''immediately'' as i was early and my waters had broken..

    i'd love to find out ''how'' (won't make sense here) i can get myself to dilate. lol. what can i do that was different the first two times.. i do remember they said i was not to get up off the bed as i was hooked up to some machines, so it's not like i could walk around or anything, but im unsure even if walking around , bouncing on a ball etc would have helped?
    Its really hard to know. I was lucky when I had my VBAC because in my first labor I had dialated to 10cm, so my body knew what to do in that respect. But I have larger than average babies and with my first after getting to 10 cms dialated and pushing for (I can't remember exactly but close to 2 hrs I think) he just wouldn't budge. He then went into stress and I was raced off for the cesarean. With my second I had a really active birth. I used hypnobirthing and birthing in a squatting position. This all meant bubs was in a really good place on my cervix to help dialate etc... I guess if you want to try natural again looking into ways to help progress through labor would be really beneficial and also hypnoborthing was such a help in my birth I would recommend it to anyone.

    Good luck with everything, I hope you get whichever birth you want

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