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    Default Bloods after first round of clomid?


    This cycle has been my first on clomid. I'm on CD15. I recall my gyno saying something about a blood test after taking it, and was sure she gave me the papers to get it done, but can't find them and can't remember when she said to get them done or why? Is it to see if I've ovulated or to see if I fell pregnant?

    I did a ovulation pee test on day 10 of my cycle and thought it was positive. It seemed so after 5 min but 10min later the line had almost dissapeared. I didn't get my next positive until yesterday. Even now it still looks positive. Bit anoyed as I understand that bedding every second day is better then every day, but due to confusion with what day I ovulated we have had a go 5 days in a row!!! What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks for the help ladies.

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    Hi Nessie,

    This is my first month on clomid too. From reading things on here, I understand that every doctor does it differently. I had to have a scan on CD12 to see if it looked like I was going to ovulate or not. Blood test on CD21 to see progestrone levels to check if I've ovulated. Then I think its about a week later, another test again for progestrone to see if have ovulated late & for HCG to see if am pregnant (if ovulated earlier).

    I wouldn't be too stressed with DTD every day. Our doctor said its fine to do it however often we like & said it doesn't really effect anything.

    If your not sure about when you need the bloods done, I'd give the office a call & run it by the office girls or the nurse, they're usually really spot on with all this stuff. They can prob print out another copy of your script for you to get bloods done etc.

    Good luck!! I'm currently on CD17 & believe I may have gotten a positive test yesterday for ovulation (but not sure!!). We've been DTD every day, as I want to try as much as we can to catch that egg

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    Ok, so I decided that the true positive for my ovulation tests was on day 14. Hopfuly I realy did ovulate, and I guess the bloods will confirm that. I'm getting my bloods done on Friday - day 21. Found my prescription too, which confirmed day 21 is the right day to do this.

    Dr advised to take a pregnancy test before I get the bloods done. The tests I have say that you can test as early as 5 - 7 days prior to expected next period, but testing so early could give us a false negative right? So what's the point in doing it before I get the bloods done? Shouldn't we wait another week? Very anxious to test, but not sure how many more negatives we can handle.

    So, today is day 19 and I have slight cramps, similar to what I usualy get a few days before my period arives. Might be drawing on short straws here, but do you think this could be a sign of implantation??? That usualy happens a few days after ovulation right?


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