The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is funding a project to investigate the diagnosis, treatment, management, outcomes and care experiences of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy (also called Gestational Breast Cancer). This project is being led by Professor Elizabeth Sullivan from the University of New South Wales, in collaboration with leading medical oncologists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists and clinicians in NSW, QLD, Victoria and WA.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy, we would like to talk to you (in confidence) about your experience. We understand that talking about this may be difficult however, interviews will be undertaken by experienced and supportive women’s health researchers, conversational in style, last approximately one hour, and will be arranged at a time and location that suits you (can be a telephone interview if preferred).

If you are happyto talk, in confidence, or perhaps know someone else who might be, or if you want to request more information or a recruitment pack, please email Dr Lesley Halliday l. halliday @ unsw. edu. au (remove all spaces if you want to contact me).
I look forward to speaking with you.