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    Default When to drop a nap?

    DD is 7.5 months and is waking for lengthy times at night. Someone suggested she might be ready to drop a day nap or at least the amount of time she sleeps during the day.

    She generally sleeps 6.30pm-5.30/6.30am.

    How do you know for certain that reducing the amount of sleep during day is what is needed?


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    If she its still really tired during the day I wouldn't drop a sleep yet, it probably won't make her sleep any better at night as she will be over tired. My ds is 14 months and is a shocking sleeper at night whether he has 1 sleep or his normal 2 sleeps. The only difference I've noticed is he goes to sleep faster if he has 1 but come the afternoon he is a lot more cranky. Maybe try making her last one a little earlier or shortening it a little?

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    It was getting difficult for my son to take his afternoon sleep when he was 14 months old. He would go to bed at 7:30 pm at night and wake up around 7~7:30 in the morning, then morning sleep around 10:30 and afternoon sleep around 3:30pm. But when he turned 14 months, it was a LOT of struggle to put him down for his afternoon sleep. But if I dont try he would be super tired by dinner and wont eat properly and will winge until bed time, but he would have a better night sleep. If he does go down for his afternoon sleep, then he wont have a good night sleep, very restless. He is now 15 months and he has one nap during the day for about 1 hour at around 11:30 sometimes 1pm. Occasionally he would have 2 sleeps. It really just happened naturally, if your daughter is struggling to take the first or the second nap and is not sleeping as well at night then probably she can drop a nap, but there will be a transition time for her to get use to it all.
    Oh when my son was about 7 months old, he went through a similar phase, he went from 4 naps to 3 naps. Have you tried maybe putting her to sleep half hour later at night? It worked for us
    Good luck~


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