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This does help my son is only 4 months, and he is pretty good with his routine (last bottle at 8pm then wakes at 4am) but lately he's been waking earlier and wanting more feeds...his bottles are 200ml now and if I give him more he won't drink it, he only sticks to the 200ml. it's like he wants to snack between feeds. Don't know if I should give him 50ml between bottles to keep him going...or make him wait out the 4 hours (he usually has a bottle every 3 and a half to 4 hours except night time) Or people have told me to try the purée baby food.
I would try and increase his milk intake first and see how that goes, you can bottle feed on demand as often as he needs it, no need to wait 4 hours.

We started at 5 months as DS showed all the signs of being ready. We started really slowly with a few spoonfuls of pear puree once a day to get his stomach used to this. (Pears as they are high fibre fruit) At 5.5 months he suddenly started to wake 2-3 times more at night, so we increased to 2 meals and then 3 meals a mixture of fruit, & veg and added in meat and fish and yoghurt at 6 months. I started mainly with purees, but also gave finger foods very early on to encourage self feeding.
I made big batches of puree and froze them in ice-cube trays. We also used a few shop bought packs for additional variety.
If you are concerned about food allergies then introduce foods in a staggered way (something new every 3-4 days).
He is now 9 months and mostly feeds himself, with just a bit of help from me with yoghurt/runny stuff. He is still having 4 milk feeds per day, 30-60 mins before each meal, plus one before bed. This week I have just swapped his lunchtime milk feed to after his solids and will see how this goes for a week or so. I think he will probably drop a milk feed soon too.

I used this site for ideas on what fruits and veg would be good to try and how to prepare them: http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/