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You know what? I find Australia, the UK and the US, slightly nondemocratic countries.
Where I come from, the system is a lot more fair. You have 12 parties. The one who gets the most votes, wins. The leader of that party gets to be PM and gets to choose a government. Simple. That way you always get the party that the people really want to win.

Here in Australia, when it comes to the government, it doesn't matter on what party you vote. Your vote will automatically go to either Labour or Liberals, even though you believe the Greens and their leader, would do a much better job at running the country.
So really, how does this system reflect the choice of Australian citizens???

*Steps off soapbox and gets back to topic*

I think the 2 year relationship thing is sensible. Yet how would this work for a single person? They need to be single for less than 2 years??
I agree that we could have a much better system, not sure how because as much as I love democracy, there are some people I would dearly love to lock out on polling day.

I don't think that a single person needs to prove their relationship status because you can't break up with yourself and then have a protracted custody battle (that I know of), I think the 2 years is good for relationships to try to....prove they have stood the test of time, for want of a better term.