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    I don't think it's strange at all... he knows you like lego and it's a thoughtful gift. As for going fishing it's obviously something you both enjoy doing together so why wouldn't you do it on your anniversary?

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    It's our 2nd wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks time and I'm stumped as to what to buy DH. We are trying to stick to the 'traditional' gifts ie. 1st anniversary it's paper, 2nd its cotton.... We looked it up on google. So we are getting gifts for each other made of cotton... Any good ideas gals?

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    Thanks girls. I've read your responses to DH and I think he feels better about everything. Although I'm sure he is still skeptical, he asked if I was only reading out the 'good' responses!

    I think I've worked out where his insecurities have come from though. A few months ago his sister teased him (jokingly) about being a 'Cashed up Bogan'. For those who don't know this term, it's a person who has money, but still wears thongs and shops at $2 discount stores, haha.
    We all had a good laugh about it. But I think DH is worried that people think he is cheap with me. Which he totally isn't! He spoils me constantly!
    Besides, Lego ain't cheap! It's not a diamond ring, but it's not exactly a cheap present either.

    I'm glad everyone else believes that the important thing is getting someone a present that they like. And DH does that all the time. Last night after we got home from fishing, he appeared in front of me with another present. He purposely hid one so I could have a 2nd surprise at the end of the day (which I love). It was a Lego board game!
    He isn't lame, he is wonderfully thoughtful!

    Lahdidah - I love that you guys have a running joke with the wooden elephant! Would you tell us what the joke is?
    Also, you reminded me that I wanted a decorative paper umbrella (or oversized paper fan). I bet yours is groovy!

    Tildy - Oh bugger! Don't you hate it when people don't take you seriously? I told my mum I would like Lego for a present - she gave me a frypan. LOL!
    A worm farm would be cool, did you end up getting one for yourself anyway?

    Littledove - DH and I are going to backtrack and follow the traditional wedding anniversary presents to make like a trinket memory box. Have you considered comical presents? Like for cotton, you could give your DH a pair of cotton Y-fronts?


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