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    Default Risk factors and dilated kidneys..

    I am 20wks and last week my morph scan showed my lil guy has dilated kidney's. I have been told its much ado about nothing and normally corrects itself and Im pretty ok with it. It seems worse case scenario he may have kidney relfux or obstruction after birth and will require some tx.

    There is also some associated risk for Downs - it is a soft marker.

    So the info I have
    • NT fold was 1.5
    • Downs risk 1/22,000
    • T18 risk 1/62,000
    • Kidney - both 'slighly' dilated. I dont' know measurement (my sister is a middy at hospy and got her friend to look but forgot the actualy measurement). My sister said it was either 1mm or 0.1mm above the 'normal' range. I have been looking around and I think normal is 5? And results 6-15 are moderate and over 15 higher.
    Does anyone know what all these means??? Are they low risk factors?

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    Is this a dilated ureta going into the kidney? This was picked up on a scan I had done with my son at 28 weeks and we too were told it could be a soft marker for other abnormalities but he was and is just fine.

    We were told the ureta going into the left kidney was 3 times the size it was meant to be and would need to be monitored from birth. He had ultrasounds done every month until he was 6 months and then he went into hospital for a procedure where they put dye up through his urethra to check for urine reflux in the kidney but thankfully this wasn't the case.

    He is 5 now and recently had another ultrasound done on his kidneys as a follow up and while it is still dilated and noticeably bigger than the right, it is not causing any problems.

    Best wishes for all with your little man

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    OUr 4th child had dilated kidneys, picked up at the morph scan. He had a few scans after he was born including a magnesium scan and all is fine. One kidney opening is still dilated (he is 3.5) with no effects at all. Sometimes it just happens. It is only a soft marker for downs and your other info looks like your risk is very low

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    I was told this with my first pregnancy at the 20 week scan also. My midwife advised I make sure I was drinking enough water. Are you drinking enough water? Ds was fine and is a very healthy 2 yo.

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