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    Default False Labour

    Oh, I'm about to cry tears of frustration! I am 39w2d pregnant with Baby #2. I had my {non-bloody} 'show' a week ago, and have been getting very uncomfortable Braxton Hicks quite low in my abdomen since then. To the point where they reach a peak like contractions and then taper off. There's no common time in between them, and they aren't getting worse, they are very sporadic {mainly in the middle of the night, disappearing by the time I'm up and about}. I also have a heavy, somewhat painful feeling in my pelvis, along with a brownish tinged discharge the past few days. My daughter was born at 39 weeks so I really thought this one might come early too! Because the 'show' and contractions and labour happened all at once with my daughter, I instantly knew that's what it was. I'm really worried that this time around, I'll be in labour but won't know it! I am expecting the real contractions to reach my uterus and stomach, not low down like the BH currently are, but what if I have back labour and just think it's a sore back instead?! It's doing my head in!!

    I am SO ready to meet this baby, I wish there was more of a time indication of when that would happen! Has anyone else had a similar situation?!

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    It's such a horrible time those last few weeks.
    It sounds like bub is showing signs of wanting out! Just taking his/her time

    As for back labour, I had it.
    Dd was posterior and it was just non-stop one big contraction in my back.
    It didn't have breaks.
    But I still felt the top of my uterus contract.
    Hopefully that helps.

    Sending some Labour Dust and hopefully bub is ready to come out and meet its new family very soon.


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