I've got two problems so if you know anything about either, please comment!!

Bowel - since having a Caesarean 17mths ago, I've had terrible pains about 90% of the time when I need to do a poo. And once I sit on the toilet to go I'm on there for about 20mins & never feel "empty"

Second prob: I had a LLETZ procedure done in August 2011 to remove CIN cells and insert a Mirena due to extremely heavy, persistent bleeding. I get horrendous pains sporadically (don't know if it's related to above) and only minor bleeding now but for the last month or so whenever we've had s3x I've started bleeding again... Sometimes it's minor, other times we've needed a shower straight after.

Sorry this is all TMI but I want to try & find a solution cause my OB/GYN said if it kept up he'd do a hysterectomy & it's not that I'm against that if it'll work, it's just that I can't fit in a month "out of action" so to speak with kids/work/renovating etc...